This is my Movie “A Little Destruction

15 04 2011


Gif of “A Little Destruction”

15 04 2011

A Better Cliche pix

9 04 2011

Constructing Metaphor and cliche

8 04 2011

Metaphor – This guy is like a brick wall, can’t get pass him.

Cliche –  a Deal with the Devil, or An arm and a leg


Metaphor and cliche

8 04 2011

Metaphor – A figure of speech in which a term or phrase is applied to something in which does not resemble its true nature but to imply its meaning.  A type of symbolized meaning and not literally.

example – That guy is like a wall, can’t get pass him. -something easy to examplify

Cliche – an overused stereotyped expression for a common thought or idea that has lost it originality and impact.

example – An arm and a leg.  -something I hear all the time.

Artist Statement for Project 3

2 04 2011

The theme was “Cigarettes”.  Since, all I could do was scan stuff in.  So I decided to get cartons and boxes of cigarettes and work with the designs on it.  The sad part is that some of them did not have much to work with so I drew some stuff in myself.

Easy:  working with the designs, pretty easy to manipulate

Hard:  Getting the cartons – 6 different locations and not on the same day I visited them initially.

2 04 2011